Last week I was having fun playing PUBG Mobile with my friends in a custom room. It was a 4vs4 game, with all 7 of them being my good friends.

We had a terrible start, I lost all 3 of my teammates one by one and I couldn't do anything. Reason being shitty loot that I had. I had a Micro UZI and a frickin’ pump-shotgun.

The enemy team was spread out, looking for me. I was hiding of course, being really pissed and thinking, “Well, it’s quite rare to do a 1vs4 squad wipe with just an UZI and a shotgun”.

But I had to come out. So, I went with it. Saw one, knocked him, saw another, knocked him too with the UZI, the third one came flanking from behind, so I took cover and flanked him from the left, knocked him too.

Now, it's just 1v1. All the hard work had been done, “Should be easy now!”, I said to myself with my teammates just watching me do all the destruction. I was really low on health, barely standing with 10% health.

“But the last one is Darren, their best one, and he is coming for me”. I saw him coming from behind the shack, I pushed him knowing it was my only move. “I have to outmanoeuvre him with a pre-fire, otherwise I'm gone, because of my low health”, I said to myself.

I pre-fired the UZI right into his face, and down goes Darren.

“IT'S A SQUAD WIPE, SQUAD WIPE, SQUAD WIPE. LET'S GO, BABY!” I started screaming. My legs were shaking, it was really intense. I was in the zone, it was all my instincts that were doing the job for me without doing much thinking. I had done it before many times, but with better weapons. This was really special.

The story isn't as important as the lesson behind it. I told you this story to prove an important point, that, sometimes when it seems like it's all over, when everyone else has turned their back on you, when you're the last man standing against your opponent, you just gotta do it even if the odds are stacked against you.

Sure it's way too easy in video-games than in real life. But you gotta do it anyway. Just let your natural instincts take over and watch it happen. Just take the call and do it, man!

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