This year I'll be reading a lot of books. It's my commitment to myself. I'm not spending too much time reading on a daily basis right now, which I want to change.

I have decided to read at least one book at a time, whether it is Technical or Non-Technical. So, here goes the list.

The List:

Technical Books:

Non-Technical Books:

[NOTE: Books that I have read completely are marked with strikethrough.]

Why these?

The Deep Learning and Mathematics books are meant to teach me Artificial Intelligence which is my top priority for 2018. The Self-Improvement books are carefully curated, and the sole purpose of reading/listening to them is that I want myself to be motivated throughout the year. I don't want to slack off, and lose my focus. This list will be constantly updated. I might add or replace some of the books from this list if I find a good replacement.

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