A week ago, I got accepted into the Google Udacity Scholarship Program as per their ongoing Reskilling India campaign.

Two months ago, I first applied for the Scholarship program, and at that time, I was looking to do something interesting, so I applied for the Advanced Web Development track in the scholarship. At that time, I had enrolled myself into Udacity's Deep Learning Nanodegree, and there were about 20 days left for DLND to start. So, I applied for the scholarship for fun, because I wanted to do something new, and to be honest, Advanced Web Development sounded like fun to me. So, I applied for it, and without any hopes of getting selected, I quickly filled the form and submitted my application.

But then, after a couple of weeks (just before the deadline), I thought I should take it seriously, and I quickly edited my application, answer all the questions asked in the application really well.

It's pretty funny to think of what I was thinking the night before getting accepted. I had a pretty bad day at work. In fact, I couldn't sleep until 2 am. I am already enrolled in the Deep Learning Nanodegree and studying Deep Learning & AI on my own from various resources. I was working on a Sentiment Analysis project then, and the code wasn't working as it was supposed to be, the Neural Network was producing some really bad results.

It was pretty difficult, and I was thinking like, "My Neural Net isn't producing good results, how am I supposed to master some more difficult concepts like Convolutional Neural Nets, RNNs, and Generative Adversarial Networks. My life would be wasted, all this stuff I have worked on for years would be next to nothing."

And then, when I woke up, I got a mail that read "Akshay, you have been accepted into the Google India Challenge Scholarship", with the following badge:

Google Scholarship Badge

I got really excited and I screamed "Fuck yes!". All that depression went away in an instant.

So, the moral of the story is: "Don't lose hope!"