This is a new blog. Actually, it's not a new blog, it's just a new domain name. I didn't like the previous domain name, so I changed it. It was a bit long. This one is clean.

All the content remains the same. But now this blog is only for myself. Anyone can read it, but that will not be my primary intention for writing any blog post in the future. Previously, I made a big mistake of writing posts that were somehow meant for others. I will only write the blog posts I wanna read.

It's just a collection of my thoughts, meant to be written to serve as a record to reflect back later on. It allows me to think and write about anything freely without thinking about other people's opinions, not that they don't matter, at least the negative ones don't matter as much on my blog. Anyone has the right to have an opinion and it sometimes help in keeping an open mind. That's why everyone should have a blog.

Plus, all the bad things have been trimmed away. This new blog has no:

  • Analytics (I don't want to know how many people visit my blog).
  • Ads (I'm not doing it for money).
  • Facebook/Google shit (I don't want to track my readers, I love privacy️).

It's just a simple collection of my thoughts and notes, nothing complex. I'm keeping it simple, that's why it's hosted on Ghost.